Personalise Your Garden Border

Description of Personalise Your Garden Border

When you're interested in customising your garden border with specific colours, plants, or sizes within our standard dimensions, our Customisation Service is precisely what you need. This service allows you to adjust the colour scheme and plant heights to perfectly match your personal style and the unique layout of your garden.

While our Customisation Service offers flexibility in terms of colours, plants, and their arrangement, please note that the standard widths and lengths of our garden borders remain unchanged. This ensures we maintain the integrity of our designs while offering you the flexibility to personalise within those parameters.

Please leave your requirements in the notes section below.

For those looking to infuse their garden with a personal touch without altering the standard dimensions of our borders, this service is the perfect solution. Your garden will not only reflect your individual style but also benefit from a design that’s been thoughtfully adjusted to its natural setting.

Additionally, if you have an odd-shaped border that doesn't fit our standard dimensions, please don't hesitate to use this form: This enables us to understand your unique requirements and collaborate with you to create a custom solution that perfectly fits your garden's shape and size.

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