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Planting in the autumn takes advantage of the still-warm soil and frequent rains. These conditions help perennial plants establish their roots before winter, providing a flourishing garden by spring.

It might seem simple, but proper watering is crucial. Plants don't like being waterlogged or parched. Always check the soil's moisture level with your finger before watering.

Our plants can reach heights of 4-5 feet if left unchecked, but can easily be maintained at a lower height through regular pruning.

If pests are a concern, we offer a range of products specifically designed to protect your plants without causing them harm. Simply consult the products section on our website for recommendations.

Planting in the autumn takes advantage of the still-warm soil and frequent rains. These conditions help perennial plants establish their roots before winter, providing a flourishing garden by spring.

Of course, planting bulbs in our garden borders is a great idea! Just remember to mark where you've planted them to avoid accidentally digging them up later.

Yes, our selections are a mixture of perennials and shrubs, all designed to return year after year. These perennials and shrubs provide a recurring display of foliage and flowers, ensuring your garden remains vibrant with minimal effort. With proper care and suitable growing conditions, they will continue to flourish season after season.

For bloggers, influencers, or those with a community interested in gardening, we offer a unique platform to collaborate. After signing up, we'll work closely with you to assess your garden plan and offer tailored advice.


For pet owners concerned about toxic plants, we recommend consulting the HTA's list of potentially harmful plants. Although we cannot guarantee a 100% pet-safe plant selection, we do offer a Cat & Dog Repellent to help deter your pets from ruining your beautiful borders.

For those gardening in Scotland's unique climate, our evergreen shady or sunny borders are adaptable. Although growth may be slower due to the colder temperatures, our hardy plant varieties will still flourish.

For those in the US excited about our products, please bear with us as we are working on offering international shipping options soon.

In some cases your border sizes may not have standard sizes. If you would like to fill out this form we will be able to advise you on what would be best to order.

Don't worry about taking time off work to wait for your delivery. At checkout, simply choose a convenient date, and your garden kit will arrive then. For those who can't wait to get started, we offer a Express Delivery for £20.00 and a Saturday delivery for just £25.00.

It's understandable to worry about plants not surviving, which is why we offer a 6-month Plant Guarantee. Simply follow the instructions for activating this guarantee, and we'll have you sorted.


To give your garden the best start, we recommend using a 40L bag of our specially-formulated, peat-free compost per square metre. This is not just any compost; it's designed by horticultural experts to improve drainage and provide all the essential nutrients your plants will need.

If you've already added compost to your soil, waiting a few days before planting allows the soil and compost to integrate fully, ensuring an optimal growing environment. This integration will make the soil more welcoming to new plant roots.

For beginners worried about plant sizes, our 1-litre (13cm) potted plants are the ideal starter size. They're well-rooted and sturdy, making them easier to handle and transplant into your garden.

For those unfamiliar with when to plant, any time between February and November is usually safe, just avoid planting during harsh frosts or extreme heatwaves. We recommend using a bag of our premium compost per square metre to prepare the ground for planting.

A single 40-50L bag of our premium compost also serves as an effective mulch. Mulch helps to retain moisture, suppress weeds, and improve soil quality over time—perfect for keeping your plants happy during the summer.

To determine what type of border suits your garden, assess how much direct sunlight the area gets. For less than 5 hours, consider a shady border; for more, a sunny border would be more appropriate.

If you're planning to be away, it's best to delay planting until you return so you can give the new plants the attention they need during their initial growing phase.

When planting perennials and shrubs, prepare the soil to a depth of at least 30cm.

To prepare a border alongside trees or hedges, enrich the soil with compost or manure and select shade-tolerant plants. Ensure regular watering to overcome competition for moisture but keep an eye on over-watering. Apply mulch to conserve water. This careful balance supports your plants in establishing well and thriving amidst nearby vegetation.

If not planting immediately, keep your Garden on a Roll plants watered, sheltered, and frost-protected.