Antony Henn

Antony with one of his Garden on a Roll Wildlife Designs.

Who is Antony Henn?

Antony Henn has a long history in horticulture. His family started The Dutch Nursery, one of the UK's first garden centers, in Hertfordshire in 1959. Antony and his siblings helped to develop the business through the 80s and 90s, and it is still run by the family today.

In 1992, Antony started his own garden design and landscaping business called Gardensforlife. He has worked on many high-profile projects, including a Japanese water feature for Sir Paul McCartney. Antony has also appeared on several gardening shows, including Gardeners' World and Roots and Shoots.

In 2009, Antony came up with the idea for Gardenonaroll while helping to plant a school garden. He used circles and letters on wallpaper to mark where each plant should go, making it like planting by numbers for the children. After testing various bio-degradable paper materials and plant combinations for two years, Gardenonaroll was launched on QVC in March 2011. It has been featured in numerous publications and won innovation awards, and has many happy customer testimonials with before and after photos.

Since March 2013, Gardenonaroll has been supplying border kits to Homebase customers nationwide, with sales doubling each year. In 2015, it was Homebase's top-selling online plant product.