How To Transform Your Garden On A Budget

With the flower show season in full swing, now is the perfect time to seek inspiration from displays at the likes of Chelsea Flower Show for maximising your outdoor space. A key highlight from the show this year was seeing the amazing things that can be done with the smallest of spaces. Unfortunately however, budgets often don’t stretch to afford the kind of expenses lavished on these show gardens. 

If you are just starting out, perhaps with your first garden, you may simply want guidance on how to transform your garden on a budget or choosing plants for a border to suit a sunny area or shady spot in your garden. This is where Garden on a Roll can help. You choose the style you like and the measurements to suit your garden, and we’ll deliver the whole kit, including a life-size planting plan and all the plants you need, straight to your door.

Planning your garden makeover

With over 30 years experience of garden design, a common mistake we have often seen made by designers is to create a wonderful, intricate scheme that looks great, but doesn’t meet the budget requirement of the client. When considering gardening on a budget, it is important to actually consider and set a budget you feel comfortable with as costs can easily spiral out of control.

If you are using a professional garden designer, discuss available budgets with them before they start so they can guide you on what is reasonable to achieve. Reducing hard landscaping areas with a view to extend later or reducing the size of plants and waiting for them to mature over time are great ways to achieve a look that meets your budget, without compromising on design. Furniture, outdoor kitchens and other expensive luxuries can also come later as the budget allows.

Choosing the right plants 

Planting can quickly create a feeling of cosiness and ‘home’ and is probably the least expensive part of a garden transformation. Hard landscaping is important but can often wait until the funds are available, allowing the plants to get established in the meantime.

Buying younger plants and letting them grow is a great money saving idea for gardening on a budget, as fully mature specimens are hugely expensive in comparison. If you do not have the knowledge or confidence to choose plants yourself, Garden on a Roll can help you to create your very own, perfectly spaced planting arrangement! 

Cost-effective solutions for gardening on a budget

If you are feeling up for a challenge, why not try creating your own plants from seed or cuttings; this will save you money and is hugely satisfying. Many plants are very easy to propagate from softwood cuttings such as Fuchsia, Sedum, Penstemon, Salvia and many shrubs in your garden; so early summer is a good time to try!

Growing perennial flowers from seed is also pretty easy and worth a go. You often end up with too many plants though, so you can impress friends and family with spares.

Smart shopping for garden supplies 

If you are shrewd you can find a whole range of used / preloved garden tools on certain apps or internet sites. Second hand buying is a great option to explore, especially as most tools will get dirty after the first use anyway. Shears and pruners can also be sharpened and mowers can be refurbed to be as good as new. Have no shame when it comes to a gardening bargain!


Budget friendly maintenance

We have had a really wet start to the summer, but don’t be fooled. After a month of hot weather, the ground will soon dry out meaning your plants will suffer. Mulching is our favourite tip to conserve moisture, feed the plants and give a great finish to your borders by placing a thick layer of manure or compost on the surface. Mulch is also great at keeping weeds controlled until the plants establish and helping soil health. We would recommend buying local and using well-composted stable manure for your mulch as it’s inexpensive or sometimes free from your friendly neighbourhood stable. If you need a helping hand in sourcing mulch, our range of peat free compost from our friends at Equigrow is beautiful stuff. 

Final thoughts on how to transform your garden on a budget

Gardening on a budget can be great fun and is certainly a challenge, but the end result can be fantastic in a relatively short time. Young, inexpensive plants grow quickly and will appear as twice the value in only a few months. If you’re looking to add some flair to your garden, our Garden on a Roll borders take the guesswork out of gardening, offering a cost effective alternative to tackling the project by yourself. Contact our gardening experts for more advice on how to get the most from your outdoor space on a budget.