How Much Does A Garden Designer Cost in 2024? Our Insights and Alternatives

When buying a new home, besides loving the house and having the right amount of bedrooms, the garden can play a huge part in the decision-making process.

Having a beautiful garden is a dream most people have, not only for whether it’s to create an aesthetic display, provide children an inviting outdoor space to play in, or as an opportunity to get closer to nature. In the past, most people played around with their gardens, tackling most things themselves and naturally making mistakes along the way without real planning. This can work, but more often than not, time and money can be wasted as plants are often bought on impulse and later struggle to grow when planted in the wrong place. 

In the modern world the average new homeowner has less time and patience, seeking a garden that meets their expectations while being available to use as quickly as possible. This is where a garden designer comes in. This blog will delve into how much a garden designer costs, and factors that influence their fees.


The Benefits of Hiring a Garden Designer 

Unless you are fairly experienced, have a natural flair, or are simply confident enough to have a go at garden design yourself, a garden designer comes with a range of benefits. Aside from creating an aesthetically pleasing space, a well-designed garden can add 7-9% to the value of your property so it is well worth investing in getting it right. The right garden designer can bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table, helping to ensure your garden can thrive and remain visually appealing throughout the seasons. They can also offer great time savings, taking the stress and effort out of the process and leaving you with a finished product that is tailored to your unique preferences and taste, whether it’s creating a classic cottage feel or a wildlife sanctuary.


Factors That Influence a Garden Designer’s Costs

When asking yourself how much a garden designer costs, it’s important to understand the influencing factors. Most new home gardens are pretty small but that is not always a bad thing. Larger gardens are more expensive to design and landscape and require more maintenance after completion.

When meeting with a client for the first time garden designers will soon get an idea of how complex the scheme will be and how long the design will take, which will then give a guide on how much will be charged. 

In London and the south many designers will charge more than designers in the midlands and further north mainly due to cost of living and the fact that property is more expensive which allows for a higher design fee..

Garden design charges can vary massively however as a guide we’d expect to see prices anywhere between £600 - £3000+, this is highly determined by the garden size and location, as well as the garden designer’s experience and reputation. 


Typical Garden Designer’s Process and Cost Structures

Our Garden on a Roll Director and resident garden designer, Antony Henn, often gets asked “how much does a garden designer cost” and aside from the influencing factors already mentioned, it’s also important to consider the designer’s pricing structures. Some give a price for the complete design as opposed to an hourly rate, however some designers do charge by the hour (£30 - £100 p.h.) while others include the design as a percentage of the overall job.

For Antony, once a client has accepted a design fee proposal and he has an idea of what style they are looking for  He tends to follow the below design process:

  1. Carry out a site survey to measure up and put on paper to scale, the layout as it is now
  2. Place a sheet of tracing paper over the site survey and begin designing to create a rough layout until satisfied with general ideas
  3. Go through the scheme created to date with client to ensure they are on the right track
  4. Digitalise the design so it can be viewed in colour on a computer screen and can be emailed to the client for further discussion
  5. Make changes and updates if required
  6. Present the design with planting plan and mood board if required


Discover a Cost-Effective Alternative to Garden Design With Our Ready-Made Garden Borders 

First-time buyers moving into a new housing development may have limited space, limited to a lawn,  patio or shed with space for borders around the outside. They do not require a garden designer necessarily but are desperate to create a beautiful garden to make their new house feel like a home.

For a designer to draw up a planting plan they would charge approx. £25-£35 per square metre so a 10m x 1m border would cost around £250-£350 for the design alone without a plant in sight, meaning costs can soon add up.

Garden on a Roll provides an alternative to this dilemma, offering a professional garden design and all the plants to go with it complete in one package, delivered to your door. For new-build gardens that require mainly plants, our garden borders are the perfect choice, simply choose a style, width and length and we’ll do the rest. You could even hire a local gardener to take care of the soil preparation and keep the fun bit of planting yourself! 


Making the Perfect Choice For Your Garden and Budget 

The demand for a beautiful, well-designed garden will no doubt continue to grow in 2024, turning your outdoor space into a haven of natural beauty all while adding value to your property.

If you’re contemplating a garden transformation this year a garden designer can offer benefits far beyond the aesthetics, providing peace of mind and expert guidance with overall design and landscaping improvements. It’s always worth doing your research and choosing a reputable garden designer recommended by a reliable source. 

For first-time gardeners who are keen to get involved but lack gardening experience or knowledge, our Garden on a Roll borders are professionally designed with sunny and shady gardens in mind and styles to suit everyone. We offer a cost-effective alternative to hiring a garden designer. If you require any help or advice on designing or planting your garden, please get in touch.