Cottage Style Garden Ideas And Tips For Your Home

Create a delightful, bright outdoor space, in a vibrant cottage garden alive with an abundance of flowering plants, herbs and edible produce. Try these cottage style garden ideas to recreate the charm and timeless allure of a classic English border in your outdoor space.

Go wild and embrace the chaos

One of the characteristic features of a cottage garden is its informal, naturalistic appearance, lending a wild and unpredictable overall feel. There is method to the madness, however; it's all about creating a balance between chaos and order. Achieve a full and varied look by layering plants of different heights, textures and colours, and include fragrant herbs and blooms for a full sensory experience. And don’t be afraid to let go of full control: scatter wildflower seeds for a rich yet unpredictable selection of colourful blooms, and select plants that will self-seed and pop up in unexpected places in subsequent years. 

Include herbs and vegetables

Historically, cottage gardens were designed to provide households with herbs, vegetables, and fruits, alongside flowers for beauty and enjoyment, so it’s usual to include a mix of flowers and edibles in the same beds. So a practical and space-saving cottage style garden idea is to consider planting vegetables and herbs among your flowers. Many edible plants, such as kale, Swiss chard and climbing beans, are both beautiful and bountiful.

Adapt the cottage style to your backyard or window box

While traditionally associated with rural cottages, these cottage style garden ideas can be adapted to virtually any setting. So whether you have a small urban garden or even just a window box, you can still bring the beauty and benefits of cottage gardens into your space. For small spaces, or concrete areas, a ready-to-plant English cottage garden border in a raised bed is the perfect way to create that idyllic English garden feel. In pots or window boxes, aim for a harmonious yet varied colour scheme that includes a mix of pastels and vibrant shades, and achieve an eclectic look by mixing different types of foliage and blooms.

Create a winding pathway

The classic cottage garden is a place of variety and discovery, where you can meander at leisure and explore hidden nooks. Winding paths made of natural materials like gravel, brick or stepping stones are a classic feature that adds to the rustic charm of cottage style gardens. As well as inviting exploration, avoiding straight walkways means that it’s easier to achieve that characteristic full-to-bursting effect, with blooms appearing at every twist and turn.  

Encourage biodiversity

Cottage style gardens are a haven for wildlife, attracting bees, butterflies, birds, and other beneficial creatures. You can ensure that your garden is doing its bit to encourage biodiversity by planting wildlife-friendly shrubs and perennials. Or if you’re looking for even more cottage style garden ideas to encourage wildlife to visit your space, consider adding a bird feeder, bird baths or a pond.

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