6-Month Plant Guarantee

At Garden on a Roll, your gardening success is our pride. We rear our plants outdoors, nurturing them to be robust and resilient. Because we believe in the quality and hardiness of our flora, we're thrilled to offer our customers a 6-Month Plant Guarantee.

How to Activate Your Guarantee:
Facing an issue with a plant? We're here to help. Simply Upload Your Photograph Here to kickstart the guarantee process.

Terms & Conditions:
1. Expert Advice: We are always on hand to provide guidance on any plants you've procured from us. Our team of experts are just a message away.
2. Replacement Timeline: While advice is always available, we'll replace plants specifically bought within the past 6 months should there be an issue.
3. Photo Requirement: Please note that we require a photograph of the plant in question to proceed with any replacements.

Thank you for placing your trust in Garden on a Roll.