Q: How long will it take to plant my border?

A: By dedicating time to proper preparation, your planting will be both quicker and more straightforward. This involves clearing weeds and debris and getting the soil ready. Such preparation ensures your plants have a brilliant start in their new surroundings.

Q: Do I need to take the plants out of their pots?

A: Indeed, you do. Once you've taken the plants out of their pots, pop the pots over to your local Recycling Point for disposal.

Q: What size are the plants when they arrive?

A: We're proud to send over top-notch plants in 1 litre (13cm) pots, which are well-rooted and known for settling in well. These specimens, in tip-top condition, are all set to add a burst of life to your garden.

Q: How long will the paper take to break down?

A: After you've finished planting, cover the area with mulch. You'll find the paper breaks down naturally within 8-10 weeks.

Q: Once in the ground, how often should I water the plants?

A: Give your plants a thorough soak, ensuring you check the soil moisture before each watering session. Avoid extremes – neither bone dry nor sodden. Adjust your watering based on the British weather and the individual needs of the plants.

Q: I fancy a border with a curvy front edge. Any tips?

A: Absolutely! Just follow the standard planting advice, then use a garden hose as a marker to sketch out your desired curve. Turn over the soil inside your curve and introduce some low-lying plants. It's as straightforward as that!