What to do in the garden during May - Antony’s tips

What to do in the garden during May - Antony’s tips

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Spring is definitely in the air and we have been treated to some very nice weather recently, although it has been dry, so some extra watering is needed, one of the benefits of dry weather at this time of the year is that slugs and snails have not emerged and begun to ravage our prized plants and vegetables.

Lovely lawns

If you have a lawn, you have probably already cut it and notice some substantial regrowth, lawns grow in temperatures above 5 degrees C, so from now until the temperature begins to drop again, cutting the lawn little and often is the best way to keep it strong and healthy.

To give your lawn a nutrient boost you could use a lawn feed or, if weeds are a problem, choose a feed and weed. You could also trim or reshape the edges of the lawn to tidy them back up as they tend to lose their shape over the winter months. If perfect lawns aren’t your thing, try sowing a wildflower lawn and simply mow a pathway through, wildflowers are fantastic for bees, birds, butterflies and many more beneficial creatures.

Pruning and deadheading

Many spring bulbs will now be spent and starting to look unsightly, cut them back to the base of the stalk, otherwise if you leave them to go to seed the plant will put its energy into seed production rather than flower production for the following year. May is a great time to trim lavender, not to cut it back, but if you have shaped plants a little trim here and there will help to retain its shape over the next few months.

Maintaining your Garden on a Roll Border in May

Which plants will flower in May?


If you haven’t already - Feed roses

I hope you enjoy your garden this May!


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