Simple Ground Preparation

Before your border arrives ensure that the ground has been thoroughly prepared ready for your plants. They will grow so much happier in well prepared soil.If it is a new build house the garden borders may well be grass, if this is the case then follow these simple instructions:

1.Mark out width and length of border you ordered

2.Using a sharp spade chop down to cut turf into manageable sections to make them easy to remove

3.Cut out turf in small sections without removing too much topsoil (thin slithers) this makes this process easier to achieve. If you turn the turf upside down and stack them somewhere out of the way they will form a nice soil in a few months time!

4.Once turf removed use a sturdy fork to turn over compacted soil to fork depth if possible removing any large stones, debris etc

5.You can see the quality of the existing soil once this task is done. Often this may be poor and lifeless so you will need to apply lots of organic matter (compost, soil conditioner, well-rotted manure) and fork in

6.Rake level, breaking up lumps as you go until new border soil is friable and ready for the new plants!

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