Garden on a Roll is the perfect educational tool for getting children connected with Nature and covers many parts of the school curriculum.We have helped many schools around the UK to create beautiful gardens which not only improve the look and feel of the school but also create a haven for wildlife.

The children love mucking in, preparing and planting the borders then watching the result of their hard work grow and blossom. Our Wildlife borders are specifically designed to attract bees, butterflies and other insects working hand in hand with nature studies and science.

If you are a school looking for a great project that teachers, kids and even parents can get involved in, why not take a look at our BORDER STYLES and choose the perfect border for your school!

How it works

Planting one of our borders is as easy as ABC. Simply choose the width and length you require, choose the border style you like, contact us to discuss your order then the fun can begin!

Prepare the ground thoroughly before the border arrives (see video) then roll out and peg down roll. Match the plants with the markers on the roll, cut along dotted lines and after removing the pot, plant through paper into the soil below. Cover the paper with compost or soil conditioner (your local garden centre or Homebase will have what you need) then water regularly and watch you plants flourish!

We have lots of BORDER STYLES to choose from:Low Maintenance, Sensory/edible, Bee and Butterfly, Wildlife, Mediterranean, Sunny and Shady but we can mix and match if you would like something bespoke!

Before you order, contact us so we can give you a special discount code or arrange some extras for you.

Please Contact us for further information about how Garden on a Roll can help your school create perfect garden.


Visit Schoople to help your school, club or group raise money to buy a Garden on a Roll border. Schools such as Sankey Valley St James CofE in Cheshire, Edward Wilson Primary in London and Exminster Community School in Devon among others, have already used the Schoople fundraising toolbar to help them raise money for a Garden on a Roll border.

The free fundraising toolbar is easy to install and sits neatly across the top of your website, making it easy for parents and local businesses to donate to your fundraising activities.

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