Newsletter - March 2018

Newsletter - March 2018

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At last spring has arrived (hopefully!). We love this time of year when everything is new and the season is just beginning. The recent cold weather has delayed the growth of a lot of the plants in our garden (they are about 4 – 6 weeks late compared to last year) and many of our customers have waited to order their borders until now. All our plants are fully hardy but late hard frosts can still damage the new soft growth so cover the plants with fleece if we do get a last cold snap.

Once established, many of our mid to late summer flowering shrubs  benefit by being pruned  quite hard at this time of year,  using sharp pruners cut back all old growth by at least 50%. Plants included in this category are Buddleja, Caryopteris, Lavatera, Penstemon, Hydrangea paniculata and arborescens  and Patio Roses.  Dogwoods (Cornus) need cutting back even harder if you want to maintain the colourful stems.

Other plants need only light pruning to keep their shape. These include most Mediterranean shrubs such as Cistus, Rosemary, Santolina, Lavender, Sage and Hebe.

Other jobs to do in the garden:
  • Aerate and scarify lawns, treat with moss killer if required and feed with a Spring fertiliser
  • Mulch around your plants with organic compost or soil conditioner and feed with granular or liquid fertiliser
  • Check  regularly around all new growth for slugs and snails
  • Keep weeds under control by gentle hoeing
  • Make sure your bird boxes are ready, top up your bird feeders and keep a fresh supply of water in the bird baths
  • If you do have a bare area in your garden you might want to consider growing a mini wildflower meadow as the bees and butterflies need all the help they can get!  Seed combinations are available from most good garden centres or from
Finally a very happy Easter to you from all of us at gardenonaroll, we hope you get some good weather to get out in the garden or enjoy an Easter egg hunt!

We would love to see how your borders are developing please send your photos to or post them on our Facebook page.NEW
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