Jobs in the garden this Easter

Jobs in the garden this Easter

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Jobs in the garden this Easter!

We have had a busy start to the year despite the fact it has been so cold this March!  Many plants are still in their dormancy and perennials such as Rudbeckia and Helenium have not got going at all, also the Hydrangea have had their new growth scorched a bit – these will all be fine and will recover well with a few weeks of nice weather.

Now is a great time to prune or cut back certain plants and here are my top tips:

  • Prune your Penstemons  (they will probably have a lot of lanky stems from last summer) down to about 15cm from the ground.

  • Trim silver-leaved Santolina (cotton lavender) down to about 15-20cm from the ground or if you haven’t pruned them for 2-3 years reduce by about 50%.

  • Lavender (if not pruned in late summer) can be trimmed now. Don’t cut them too far into old stems that have no leaves as if they are old they may not recover. If they are too ancient and look scruffy remove them and plant a newone! They are only the price of cod and chips and last a lot longer!

  • Prune Lavatera (tree mallow) now, these beauties grow fast and flower for ages and the bees love them! They do however take over the bed if you don’t keep them under control and if you don’t prune them at least twice a year. They grow so vigorously that they may blow over in the autumn/winter as their roots are not that strong. Reduce by at least 50% now.

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