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So easy for the absolute beginner…
So easy for the absolute beginner gardener! Even though we've had the hottest summer the plants have survived and thrived! Can't believe how much they have filled out the bed already. Was fed up with spending a fortune buying plants unsuccessfully- this took the guesswork out of buying the right plants for my border.
Garden on a Roll
Garden on a Roll - This was a great solution and we are really happy 6 months on as the plants are growing and taking shape. It was hard work doing all the preparation of the borders for the plants but planting was made very easy using Garden on a Roll. The step by step guide and coding made planting easy. The best ideas are always the simplest. I will be using them again next year to complete my garden borders.
Really good service and good quality…
Really good service and good quality plants.
Easy, affordable and it works.
Garden on a roll
I had a large barren piece of ground to cover and had a frame built. I put in the garden on a Roll plants on the last day of May - Cottage Plants and they have flowered and grown beautifully despite the hot weather. Really excellent choice of plants and I cannot wait to see how they will develop next year.
You won't be disappointed...
We brought our garden on a roll 3 months ago, and already we have amazing beds filled with colour. The instructions were clear and the plants were of excellent quality. It is a great idea that in the long run will save you money as it gives you suitable plants for your beds locations. It has also given us confidence to source more plants for existing beds. As long as you are willing to prune and deadhead frequently you will be rewarded with a stunni g garden.
Would definitely recommend garden on a roll.Arrived on time but unfortunately the courier had tipped one of the boxes so a few of the plants had snapped.This was no problem and they were replaced within 24 hrs All plants very healthy and have now been in for 3months and look absolutely fabulous,wish l new about this company years ago would of saved myself a lot of heartache and quite a few pounds ,after siting plants poorly.
Great to deal with
Great to deal with, garden looking great after a couple of months.
The concept is amazing
The concept is amazing. The only disappointment is that the plants did not arrive on the day when they should have come and time was wasted by staying in waiting for them. However I would recommend as the colours are lovely and even though they have only been in one month they are starting to take shape.
Absolutely spot on
Absolutely spot on, everything arrived in perfect order and all plants in good condition. Really simple to plant. Out of around 50 plants, only 1 variety (3 plants of) has struggled, could be the soil.
Excellent service
Excellent service. Highly recommended. Garden is looking fabulous.
Great way to improve your garden
Fantastic for novice gardeners who want to improve the look of their garden.
Makes garden planning so easy
Makes garden planning so easy! Rather than spending a fortune on plants and planting them all in the wrong places this gives you the expertise and the quality of plants. Its literally roll out the paper and place the plants on the corresponding number. The plants are a good size and quality.The customer service was excellent as I wanted delivery quicker than showing on website and this was all arranged. My border is now getting established a few months after being planted and despite the extended heatwave the plants are all doing well. I couldn't be more delighted!
2 sunny boarders 1 shady board
Really pleased with all 3 rolls. Only lost 1 plant over this very hot summer. These are great for people who don't know what to buy or where to plant the plants.
On the whole I’m pleased with my…
On the whole I’m pleased with my plants. 1 plant has died and 2 of the same type are looking like they are going to die too.
So pleased with our shady border
I am so pleased with our shady border, now 2 years on. I wish I cud put a before and after shot on here to show the difference. Great idea as had no idea what to plant in shade apart from ferns & Hostas! Was really easy and the woman even phoned up to see if the bed was up against a wall or not.The only thing is the Euphorbia died but that cud be because next doors cat treats it as a litter tray!
Sam Porter,
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