Transform Your Outdoor Space with Beautiful Borders, Professionally Designed and Delivered.

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How It Works

Each garden design includes labelled plants and a corresponding template roll, incorporating our extensive 40-year background in landscape design effortlessly into your own garden.

Beautiful gardens can be simple

For over a decade, the Garden on a Roll team, under the guidance of renowned designer Antony Henn, has dedicated themselves to helping first-time gardeners. Experience the ease of planting a professionally designed garden border.

Over 20,000 professionally designed borders have been sold, featuring an impressive assortment of 350,000 plants. This expansive collection extends for 55 miles, creating a continuous habitat!

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Proud to be a Perennial Partner

Perennial is the only charity in the UK helping all those who work in or are retired from horticulture and their dependent families. We step in when the going gets tough.