Q: How long does it take to plant a border?

 A: Take your time to prepare the area thoroughly before planting then the process will be quick and easy!

Q: Should I remove the pots?

 A: Yes, you need to remove the plants from their pots. Please recycle your pots at your nearest Pot Recycling Centre or please take to your local Recycling Point

Q: Are the plants a good size when they arrive?

 A: We supply top quality, well rooted, plants in 1 litre (13cm) pots which we find establish really well.

Q: How long does the paper take to bio-degrade?

 A: After planting cover the paper with mulch, it will bio-degrade in 8-10 weeks.

Q: How often do I water the plants once they are planted?

 A: In spring and summer water well before and after planting then every couple of days till more established.

Q: What if I want a curvy front edge to my border?

 A: Follow the standard planting instructions then use a hose pipe as a guide to get your perfect curve. Dig over inside curve and plant low plants or bulbs-simple!

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