Antony’s Garden tips for January

Antony’s Garden tips for January

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January is a quiet month in the garden with most plants resting ready to burst into life when the weather warms up. With December 2015 being so mild in most parts of the country,  you may have already seen the plants in your garden starting to show new signs of growth but this cold spell will certainly slow them down!  Don’t worry if you see this new fresh growth damaged by frosts, the plant will soon send up new growth when the weather warms back up...

Things to do in the garden this month;

  • Cut the leaves off Helleborus to show off the flowers as they open up.

  • Rake any remaining leaves off lawns and re cut the edges to give the garden a crisp look for spring.

  • Keep an eye out for weed seedlings as they appear and clear these off.

  • When the soil is warm spread a layer of compost or mulch around shrubs, this instantly makes the garden look great and this will feed the shrubs in the coming months as they start growing. 

  • Try to leave trimming and tidying up the garden till February as wildlife benefit from old foliage and seed heads (see Antony’s January Blog).

  • Ensure the birds have access to fresh water, especially during cold spells and continue to feed birds as berries and seeds become scarce.

And when the weather is just too cold to go outside...why not stay inside and look through our new website and plan your next border.  If your garden is just too full to squeeze in another border why not order our new Herb Planter to enjoy on your patio or send our gift box to a friend or loved one so they too can have a lovely garden to enjoy...

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