Antony’s Garden tips for March

Antony’s Garden tips for March

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It’s great to see the arrival of March, always seen as the beginning of the gardening year for many. The weather in March can be very mixed, we can still have very cold nights but hopefully we will see more sunshine!

How are your borders looking? As the weather warms up you will see the first shoots of new growth, such a welcome sight.

Border Tips For March

1. As the days start to warm up, the weeds will also start coming back Into growth, deal with these as soon as you see them to stop them becoming a bigger problem.

2. Slugs love the fresh new growth of lots of perennials as they start to shoot, so make sure you keep as eye out and apply whatever slug control suits you. 

3. Cut down any perennials still standing from last year including grasses. If you have any large clumps of perennials now is a great time to dig these up and divide. 

4. The old flower heads can be cut off Hydrangeas now, if you have a large shrub cut some of the older stems to the ground to encourage new growth from the base.

5. Cornus have done their stuff for this year providing beautiful colourful stems through the winter months and to ensure a good display this winter, cut back older shrubs every couple of years hard to the ground. Leave young shrubs to become establish before giving them this treatment!

6. If the weather turns dry remember to water plants in containers as these can quickly dry out. 

7. There is still time to prune Lavateras and Buddlejas to keep them under control and extend the life of the plant.

8. As this winter has been so wet causing nutrients in the ground to be washed through, give your borders a good feed, such as fish, blood and bone, chicken manure pellets, Growmore, etc 

9. If you like summer flowering bulbs such as gladioli, lilies etc buy these now to plant amongst your shrubs. 

10. Continue to feed the birds and enjoy the variety of different birds that visit your garden.

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