September In The Garden

September In The Garden

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Welcome to our September newsletter.

I guess many of you have struggled with your gardens through the past few months drought, officially even harsher than 1976!
Trying to keep plants alive and well has been a particular challenge for us at the new Garden on a roll HQ in Hertfordshire. We water all our plants by hand as automatic irrigation would not work for us as so many plants require a different level of watering. What I like about hand watering is that we get the opportunity to observe each plant and immediately see if any are unhealthy or need special treatment, I guess that's why we call it a Nursery!!

This is nature's favourite time to plant as the soil is moist and the sun is less drying and hot. Plants settle in really well if planted in September and October and make roots ready for next year, this will give them a better root system to tolerate drought next summer.

All our plants are winter hardy and many are evergreen so the border will still look good in the dead of winter especially our Evergreen, Low Maintenance Border!
Use our organic slug repellent if they are a problem otherwise use beer traps (buried cup of beer that they crawl into and drown, happy)
Lightly fork surface of soil to allow air and moisture in to roots of plants.
Snip back any dead stems of plants that may have suffered in the drought, as long as there is still green leaves further down they should recover.
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