Quick gardening tasks for March

Quick gardening tasks for March

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In our opinion March is one of the best months of the year and there’s a few quick garden tasks that you can do now to get your garden in check. The weather gives us a glimpse of the spring, there’s more daylight, even more when the clocks go forward, colour starts to appear in the garden and we can all just enjoy the outdoors that little bit more.


Our aim with Garden on a Roll is to make gardening quick and easy, giving you more free time to enjoy your outdoor space. Our gardening tips for March are designed to do exactly that, read on to find out what you can be doing over the month ahead to keep your plot in tip top condition.


Pest control

As the weather begins to warm up, slugs and snails begin to emerge from hibernation and are hungry! They are especially rife following a warm, damp spell and they love nothing better than to munch through your prized plants. Sprinkle a slug control such as the Slug Defence or Nemsays Nemaslug which is completely natural.


Mulch beds and feed beds and borders

Following on from slug control adding mulch to beds and borders will help to deter some pests and also act as a barrier for weeds. It will also reduce water loss around plants, but always make sure that the soil isn’t too dry before adding mulch.


Wood chippings are one of the most common types of mulch to use, you can also use leaf mould or garden compost. Over time the mulch will decompose and feed you plants and soil.


FREE plants!

Dividing plants is a great way to get more value out of the plants in your garden, when a perennial gets too big for its space, you can divide and move the excess to somewhere else in the garden, plant in a container, give it to someone else or compost it. Dividing won’t harm the plant, in fact, it will benefit it. You can find out some more information on the best way to divide plants here.


Bird boxes and feeders

Nesting season for wild birds generally begins in March, top up feeders and birdbaths and if you have the space, add a bird box or two. Encouraging birds into your garden is also a great way to control pests such as snails naturally.


Prune summer flowering shrubs

If you have either our English Cottage Garden Border, Shady Border or Sensory Border, these summer flowering shrubs can be pruned now: buddlija, caryopteris, sambucus, hydrangea, fushia, lavatera, peroviskia and leycestra. These plants also featured in those three borders will being to flower; bergenia, hellebores, potentilla pernnieal.

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