How to create an eco friendly Border!

How to create an eco friendly Border!

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Recycle and Reuse

Here at Garden on a Roll we are passionate about the environment, so we have come up with a few ways to make your border as eco friendly as possible!


We aim to use the most environmentally friendly and recyclable packaging we can find. We send our plants in bags that are 100% degradable, the boxes we use are made of cardboard and are widely recyclable. Even our unique Garden on a roll paper template will degrade under the soil once its planted. The one part that you could play would be with the plant pots. As of yet, black plastic is unable to be recycled, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be reused. Once your plants no longer need their black plastic homes, there may be a local garden center or nursery that would find a use for them.



Use Eco Friendly Materials


We recommend using compost on your Garden on a Roll to give it the best look. However some compost contains peat which is sourced primarily from lowland raised bogs. This important habitat creates a home for a unique variety of plants and wildlife but also can help to store carbon and reduce flooding. Making this natural resource one we need to protect. One way to do this is simply to choose a peat free or reduced peat compost, or better yet make your own! 


Make Your Own Compost


Green waste is important to recycle, making your own compost is an eco friendly and cheaper alternative to buying compost with peat in it. You can add most kinds of natural or food waste and even the cardboard box your Garden On A Roll comes in can be shredded and used to make compost! 


Improve your soil


Before you plant your Garden on a Roll, make sure your soil is well prepared. Good soil, swarming with essential microorganisms will help your plants to grow healthy and resist pests and diseases. Before planting your border,  make sure to use a sturdy fork to turn over compacted soil and remove any large stones. From here you can improve the quality of your soil by applying lots of organic matter in the form of compost, soil conditioner or well-rotted manure and forking it in to your existing soil. Rake your soil level, making sure to break up lumps until the soil is friable. Then you’re ready to plant in your new and improved soil!



Eco Friendly Plants


The most eco friendly plants are the ones that provide food and shelter for any visiting wildlife. While each of our borders contain flowering plants, these are not the only plants that are beneficial to the survival or the increase of wildlife in your garden. Every plant that grows will give something to the little visitors, whether it is a place to hide from predators, shelter from the rain or provide some much needed nutrients. The plants we send out are hand selected to insure that whether it’s a bungalow or a mansion, wildlife will have a home in your garden.  


Increase Wildlife


The first step to increasing wildlife into your garden will be complete when you plant your Garden on a Roll border. As we have mentioned, any of our borders will help in this department, but our Wildlife and Sunny borders are where you will find the most bee and butterfly activity. Our Wildlife and Sunny borders are designed not only to attract bees and butterflies to your garden, but also to keep them happy once they are there. Other wildlife can help in your garden by reducing the need for harmful pesticides. Hedgehogs and slow worms will sort out your slug problem, what they would like in return is a pile of leaves, logs and of course a way to get in to your garden! Even by making a little gap in your garden fence you will give them the helping hand they need to give you the helping hand you need! Birds can help to control your caterpillars, just give them a nest box and a variety of food.



With over 40 years of experience in creating beautiful gardens, and a passion for the environment, allow us to do the hard work for you so that you can reap the rewards of an eco friendly haven for yourself and wildlife alike. By working together we can create more homes for local fauna, find new ways to recycle and allow our communities to grow! 



Wildlife Border

This Collection is a beautiful blend of flowering perennials that attract bees and butterflies combined with hardy flowering shrubs, many of which are great for birds to shelter and nest. Berrying shrubs are also included here which are a welcome treat for hungry birds in winter.


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