February garden tips to get your plot off to the best start

February garden tips to get your plot off to the best start

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Gardening and being out in the garden is brilliantly beneficial for both your mental and physical health and don’t just take our word for it, everyone is talking about the benefits of gardening and even more so as we muddle on through various lockdowns.

Gardens are proven to be fantastic healers, working in the garden, sowing, planting, growing, weeding and watering are great forms of exercise, these simple tasks can help to relieve stress and anxiety. Doctors, GPs and social workers are now commonly prescribing gardening as an alternative therapy. You can find out more about gardening for better mental health over at the RHS website.

Back in spring 2020 when we experienced our first taste of confinement we were blessed with fine bright weather, UK experienced a gardening boom, but the start of this year and yet another lockdown has, unfortunately, been much more gloomy and our gardens are not looking too inviting. 

Behind the scenes, or should we say ‘below the ground’, there is a lot going on, over the next few weeks your garden beds and borders will spring back to life with new shoots, the first snowdrops and daffodils have already begun to make an appearance in most parts of the UK. February is a great time to get out and get the garden in check ready for the spring. We have compiled a list of quick and easy tasks to get your outdoor space off to the best start possible.

Preparing new beds

Whether you’re planning on planting one of our beautiful borders or just working with your existing plants, it is important to prepare your beds and borders ahead of the growing season. Dig the soil over, remove any weeds or debris, and if you think that your soil may be lacking nutrients add a compost or soil conditioner to give it a boost.

Prune roses

Pruning roses helps to improve the health of the plant, encourage more blooms and will give you an opportunity to shape the plant and control its size. All you need is a sharp pair of secateurs to ensure you get a good clean cut and a pair of gardening gloves to protect yourself from the thorns. Make your cuts just above the new buds.

Keep off the lawn!

This may be a difficult task depending on the layout of your garden, but walking on the lawn when it is frosty, covered in snow or wet can prevent it from growing to its full potential in spring, this is because the shoots aren’t actively growing, making it much harder for the plant to recover. Stick to paths if you can!

Feed the birds

Filling up your bird feeders will attract more birds to your garden as food is much more difficult to find in the colder months. Continue to feed them throughout the year they will repay you by providing some natural garden pest control during the spring and summer months.

Plan your garden border

Are you keen on attracting more wildlife to your garden in 2021? Perhaps you have a shady spot that needs a new lease of life, or you just want a quick fix to give your garden the wow factor. We have a border style to suit everyone. Each of our garden border designs is quick and easy to plant and low maintenance once established.

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