August in the Garden

August in the Garden

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Just a quick apology to start with, since moving to our new nursery in the spring we have been so busy setting up the new premises and designing new planting designs that we have neglected our newsletter. We are so sorry about this and promise we won't miss a month from now on.

We would like to thank all our customers for this season's orders and please get in touch if you require any maintenance tips or advice.

Wow what a season it has been, non-stop sunshine with no rain (until now when kids are off school, typical) This has been tough for plants and for everybody watering and trying to keep things alive. If you have managed to get through the last few months, the plants will now have settled in nicely and should put on more growth for the next 8 weeks or so. Many things will have another flush of flowers if you trim off faded flower stems and give a good feed (we now stock organic fertilizer in 'Our products' section on the website) which is ideal for a late summer boost.
Keep dead-heading faded flower stems to encourage new blooms and feed at this time of year with organic fertilizer to encourage more flowers.
Don't let plants get out of control, you may need to manage certain culprits that grow faster than others the first year.Snip back stems that are encroaching too much on the space of their neighbour which encourages bushier regrowth.  
Add a layer of organic soil conditioner\ compost as a mulch around your plants especially if you have poor soil, this will keep moisture in the soil, feed the plants and will make the plants stand out nicely against the dark mulch. 
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