Antony’s advice for autumn planting

Antony’s advice for autumn planting

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Autumn has always been the traditional time for planting especially before growing plants in pots became popular from the mid-1960s.

My father started his nursery in 1958 and sold all his perennial flowers, trees and roses from October to April and always bare-rooted! Nowadays almost all garden plants sold (except wallflowers and vegetable plants) are grown in pots and we’re encouraged to buy them from retailers from spring onwards.

Spring hails the start of warmer weather and more daylight, it’s a time when we tend to get outdoors more and into the garden, sowing, planting and making those all-important changes.

Planting in spring is perfectly fine but you will have to wait much longer for any new plants added to beds and borders to bloom, by getting a head start in autumn your garden will be much more established by the spring giving you more time to enjoy it.

Here are some advantages of planting in autumn:

  • The soil is still warm enough for the roots to grow and settle in
  • There is still a lot of moisture in the ground
  • The sun is never too hot to dry out the newly planted plants
  • By the time spring comes the roots are strong and can cope with summer drought more easily
  • Slugs, snails and other garden pests will be less abundant
  • If planted in the autumn a border will need very little watering till spring!

All Garden on a Roll Borders can be planted now, simply choose your favourite design, select a size and we will send your kit which includes a selection of beautiful plants, grown at our nursery and a bio-degradable template which shows you where to place each plant.

Simply roll, plant and grow! It’s quick, simple and lots of fun. Plant now for some floral joy next spring!

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