When your plants arrive, ensure they are removed from the box asap, and placed outside and watered thoroughly.

Follow instructions for planting but please soak each plant in bucket of water for 5 mins before planting so it goes in ground nice and wet.

In spring and summer I would water every other day for maybe a month or so after planting depending on weather. After that maybe twice a week should do and after three months or so one good soaking a week should suffice.

It’s always best to push a finger into the soil around a plant to check moisture and observe how the plant is looking – this will give indication of whether the plant needs water. You’ll get a feel for it soon enough!

There should not be too much pruning to do the first year but always remove faded flowers throughout summer to encourage more flowers.


In autumn I like to leave old flowers on the plants as its good for wildlife and I think looks great on frosty mornings.

Silvery and Mediterranean shrubs are best pruned in March to keep bushy. If in doubt, just e-mail me and I will give you instructions on what to do, it’s pretty simple really.

When the mulch paper has rotted down and you start seeing your old soil at the surface keep adding a layer (2-3 cm or so) of compost or organic matter as it’s great for the soil, looks good and keeps moisture in the ground.

A handful of fertilizer every square meter or so, sprinkled lightly around your plants a couple of times in the summer will help them grow too.

Once you have success with your border you will soon be a gardening fanatic like me… just wait and see!

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